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MCU Service


Fact Number


Perusahaan yang melaksanakan MCU tidak melaksanakan MCU secara Holistik

80 – 90 %

Perusahaan mengalami pemborosan anggaran medical check karena pemeriksaan yang tidak berbasis risiko kerja dan hanya fokus pada On Eventnya saja


Penghematan dengan GMeds System
Bersama GMeds, perusahaan mendapatkan banyak benefit mulai dari Pre Event sampai Post Event secara berkelanjutan selama 1 tahun ke depan

Orang sudah menjadi peserta MCU
Mitra Klinik/Lab di seluruh Indonesia
Kota/Kab di seluruh Indonesia yang telah dikunjungi
Layanan Gratis pasca Medical Check Up
Cabang di seluruh Indonesia
Hari Penerbitan Report MCU pasca Hari terakhir MCU
Tahun berpengalaman di bidang Medical Check Up Onsite
No. 1
In MCU Onsite Specialist with 1 Year Full Service

General Proccess



The proccess required to create medical check up service run well and targeted

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The time for examining, collecting, proccessing & analizing sample and data

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Post MCU

Post MCU

The procces after main event to report medical check up result and making continous follow up action

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Pre Event

Pre Medical Check Up

  • Job Risk Survey
    Determining what variant of risk may expose  to one or a group of worker in a work area
  • Parameter Designing
    Making recommended examination based on job risk survey, recent medical history & condition, and personal characteristic
  • Event Preparation
    Preparing everything needed prior to event including manpowers, equiments, raw materials, docs, accomodation & transportation

On Event

On Site MCU Process

Proses yang dijalani oleh peserta MCU. Peserta pertama kali wajib melakukan proses pendaftaran di bagian registrasi, namun tidak dibatasi setelah itu

  1. Registration
  2. Antrovisus
  3. Physical Examination
  4. Blood Sampling
  5. Urine Collection

Other Examination

  • Thorax X Ray
  • Elekrokardiografi
  • Audiometri
  • Spirometry
  • Lumbar X Ray
  • Treadmill
  • Refraction
  • Rectal Swab
  • Pap Smear
  • IVA Test
  • Ultrasonography

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Sample Proccessing And Data Analizing

  1. Sample :
    Blood, Urine, Feces
  2. Processing :
    Bring Sample to Lab
  3. Data :
    Lab, Audio, ECG

Data Analizing

  • Vital Sign & Physic :
    Dr. Ade Budi Setiawan
    PJK3 General Physician
  • Laboratorium :
    Dr. Agri Febria Sari Sp.PK
    Clinical Pathologist
  • X Ray :
    Dr. Afdi A Rahim Putra, Sp.Rad
  • Audiometry :
    Dr. Gustav Syukrinto, Sp.THT
  • Spirometry :
    Dr. Alma T Pulungan, Sp.P
  • ECG & Treadmill :
    Dr. David Almeidi, Sp.JP
  • Resume :
    Dr. Andi Riva Dana, MKK

Quality Control

  1. On site QC
  2. Office QC
  3. Report Publishing
  4. Packing QC
  5. Report Delivery

Conclusion & Reporting

It will be presented in the kind of :

  • Softcopy Report
  • Personal Hardcopy Report
  • Mobile Softcopy Report
  • Web Based Report
  • Corporate Hardcopy Report
  • PJK3 Report

Post Event

Post Medical Check Up

  1. Result Presentation
    Informing the overall result of medical check up event including diagnosis/diseases findings in front of board of management and sharing corporate recommendation

  2. Result Consultation
    Giving personal consultation to participants classified as “NON FIT ON JOB”

  3. Health Talk
    Delegating one of official doctor to be a speaker discussing one of most prevalent disease or selected topic

  4. Refferal
    Motivating the patient to gain advanced consultation as second opinion to his/her problems

  5. Health Promotion
    Recommending a continous health programme to diminish or even eradicate one of the disease existed in medical check up event

  6. Monitoring
    Devoted for employees suffering infectious disease ex : TB or Hepatitis B. To see how far they cure their disease

Why Us?

  1. Qualified
    Certified medical staff, doctor & institution PJK3 
    Certified by Indonesian Labour & Transmigration Dept

  2. Experienced
    Has been trusted by many type of customers and carried out so many scheme of project even in big quantity of participants

  3. Accurate
    Calibrated Tools & Proven System

  4. Validated
    Data Quality Control System

  5. On TIme
    MCU Schedulling System

  6. Inovative
    Mobile Soft Copy Report & Web based Report

  7. Continous
    Health Promotion & Monitoring

  8. So Closed
    Private Consultation

  9. Negotiable
    We Are Ready To Negotiate. We Want To Be Solution


  1. Health Talk
  2. Online Private Doctor
  3. Antropometri 
  4. Autorefraktometri
  5. Trial Lense
  6. MMPI
  7. DISC
  8. IQ Test
  9. Learning Style
  10. Talent Mapping
  11. Psikologi Kerja
  12. Money Architype
  13. Meta Program
  14. Senam Aerobik
  15. Senam Hamil
  16. Harvard Step Test
  17. Fatique Test
  18. Ishihara Test
  19. Audiometri
  20. Spirometri
  21. Drug Screening
  22. HBsAg
  23. HIV
  24. Sifilis
  25. Gula Sewaktu
  26. Asam Urat
  27. Kolesterol
  28. Golongan Darah
  29. USG Kehamilan
  30. USG Abdomen